The societal demand for connectivity will require significant advancements in how organizations utilize communication technologies. Gartner forecasted that there will be approximately 20.8 billion connected devices by 2020, up from the estimated 6.4 billion currently in place.
We assist organizations with achieving their goal of securing, reliable, high-speed communication to enable the efficient consummation of information. Additionally, we assist organizations in their transformation in the ways they transact business and use essential services.
Evan International, LLC provides subject matter expertise in the design of SATCOM, optical, quantum and wireless advanced communication networks. We allow organizations to migrate to a converged topology that reduces the number of vendors and systems required to support essential organizational functions.
We have the resources, knowledge and teams required for the active design, engineering, installation and maintenance of sophisticated integrated high-quality information technology systems, that are tailored to meet the specific needs of the organization.

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