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Michele C. Evanson

President & CEO


Michele Evanson is President & CEO of Evan International, LLC.  In this role, she delivers solutions including the design, engineering, installation and maintenance of sophisticated integrated high-quality information technology systems.


Michele is accomplished at managing a wide variety of stakeholders across the government and commercial space and developing effective comprehensive project plans.  She is experienced in working with high performing leaders and teams providing responsive, technology-enabled services and solutions across a broad range of functions. 


Leading major capture efforts to successful completion, Michele is skilled at positioning companies in the capture of new business using market analysis and targeted campaign development. Additionally, she is proficient in the development and execution of performance management and corporate acceleration strategies that help organizations achieve their operational goals. 


Michele has held various roles in leadership, business development and project management.  She has worked with entrepreneurial companies as well as high tech, government and private organizations. Michele is conversant in navigating the complex waters of business to secure positive results in challenging and highly competitive markets.


Michele attended Lemoyne College in Syracuse, NY for a Bachelor of Science Degree, Business Management with a Concentration in Applied Management Analysis. Additionally, she is a graduate from University College of Syracuse University, FOCUS Greater Syracuse Citizens Academy and is an Accredited Practitioner, Level II Harrison Behavioral Assessment Expert.


Michele currently serves as a Board Member for The United States Chamber of Commerce, Washington, DC, Council on Small Business. She is an active member in The National Defense Industrial Association, The Armed Forces Communications Association, Women In Defense and a mentor for startup organizations.  Moreover, her passion lies in aiding the homeless, as well as serving the veteran community.

"Michele knows how to forge a vision, build collaborations, and create accomplishments.  Her track record of leadership is impressive as are the bonds she builds along the way.  Our community is a better place because of the commitment Michele has made towards positive change.  Her results helped create a realization that a good outlook can indeed generate a great outcome."
"When I think of the words professional, trustworthy and reliable; Michele Evanson is at the top of the list.  She holds herself to the highest levels of character and integrity.  Michele’s energy, enthusiasm and effort in any endeavor is refreshing and fun.  She leads by example and always wants the best in delivering superb products and services.  She’s an individual who truly cares about the small things and the big things in life, business and faith."

David Holder

Former President, 

Visit Syracuse

Charles Carrington,

IOM, Senior Executive Director,

U. S. Chamber of Commerce

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