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Leadership Development

Corporate Leadership & Military Transition
We incorporate proven theories and principals to help leaders deal with the practical issues in leading and inspiring people through all stages of a business’s lifespan. We explore the context and methodology to engage and execute on key drivers - attaining a successful outcome of objectives. We also explore the emotional management and motivational needs of others as well as their own levels of resilience and resistance to change.© 2018 SPARX International
Organizational Growth
Preserving your company culture becomes a challenge as you add employees coming in from a different environment who may bring in new ways of doing things. The ensuing cultural growing pains can result in disappointment, burnout and attrition of your key talent. Although growing pains are normal in every organization, the specific problems and solutions will be unique to each organization. No matter the growing pains, we can assist with being instrumental in formulating a remedy to keep the organization along its successful growth track. We help you drive change collectively and consistently across every level of the organization.  Our approach has distinct phases, with distinct, measurable outcomes.

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Growth and Transition Strategists
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