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Are You a Micro-Managing Leader?

What is micro-managing? Micro takes on the traits of being aggressive. It bespeaks of a mind-set which is internalized and seated from inside. It stems from mistrust of subordinates. It is a compulsion that disturbs the individual who is being challenged to want to extricate himself from situations involving the micro-manager.

The leader in question acts as if the lesser is incapable of doing the job, providing instruction that is close and assessing everything the individual does. They seldom praise and frequently criticize. No matter what their subordinates do, nothing looks good enough. They're being treated as though they're incapable and untrustworthy. We see our self as we are seen by others, when treated as unworthy, we feel unworthy.

At times, there is an error of the obvious by the micro-manager testing the level of an individual's total incompetence. This could be a return to a childhood situation with a critical parent. Just as the abused become abusers, so also might the criticized become critical. Micromanagement identity also plays along with control needs. Telling people what to do or not do is a strong controlling action, while the sense of superiority caresses the identity ego. When it's appropriate - Occasionally, close management is a realistic option. When an individual is working in a job where they don't have the knowledge or capability to do the job, and where mistakes are pricey and extremely undesirable, then they'll need cautious supervision and education until they're able

to work on their own.

True leaders are influencers, innovators, who empower and more. And they need to be revered and trusted beyond doubt. Trusting subordinates and enabling them is crucial.

Why is a micro-managing leader detrimental to business? By micro the leader conveys a sense of disbelief. Micro controlling drastically restricts the depth and breadth of a leader’s strategic viewpoint, that in turn is detrimental to the growth of the company.

Corporate Stakeholders expect leaders to be innovative and forward thinking, not regressive or looking inward in their perspective. A leader micro controlling stresses causes discord among staff. By ignoring the consequences, the result is either the leader or his staff will ultimately phase themselves out from the scene.

The way to handle micro-managers - So what do you need to do when faced alongside a micro-manager? The very first thing is to recognize that it's their issue, not yours. Nevertheless, this disability means they lack certain capabilities and due to your situation, you're going to have to handle it. The worst thing you can do is to get into a power struggle, since it is very likely to translate into the micro-manager using a form of power at their disposal to beat you into submission, including threats of dismissal and negative references. The simplest approach would be to listen patiently and carefully to understand the micro-managers requests and discuss your positive contributions towards the task at hand.

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