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How Motivated are Your Employees?

Motivation to perform comes from within. It cannot be bought with material Items. Motivation comes from a work environment that allows people to be productive, to achieve and participate in a meaningful manner.

As employees love their job they become more engaged. As a result, performance goes up.

Types of Engaged Employees include:

High Level Engaged Employees:

  • Are highly motivated to do more than the bare minimum needed and go the extra mile

  • Have a heightened connection to the organization, its mission or coworkers

  • Increase their discretionary effort

  • Takes pride in their work

  • Believe their organization values them.

What percent of the employees in your organization would you consider to be highly-engaged?

Somewhat Engaged Employees:

  • Have strong relationships in the organization

  • May stay for less money if they are comfortable doing the job

  • Are motivated to work hard, but only the bare minimum with just enough to get by

Disengaged Employees:

  • Lack employee morale

  • Are not committed to the organization

  • Contribute to low productivity

  • May have disrespect for authority

What percent of total paid hours in your organization are wasted on complaining, gossiping, and other forms of toxic emotional negativity?

The positive impact engaged employees have on the company include:

  • More collaborative and innovative work environment

  • Improved employee performance to support the organizations mission

  • Lower costs of disengagement

Engagement with the Organization measures how engaged employees are with the organization. It includes trust, fairness, values and respect - i.e. how people like to be treated by others at work and outside of work.

• Does your organization have a clear strategy and set of goals?

• Do employees understand how the work they do contributes to the organization’s


• What is the biggest barrier in your organization to enhancing employee engagement?

• What policies or procedures get in the way of increasing employee engagement?

Engagement with Management for most employees, has the largest impact on day-to-day life at work. Mutual respect, feeling valued, being treated fairly, receiving feedback and direction.

What rules of engagement do you foster? Are they open, candid, and caring conversations?

Building Trust with employees increases employee engagement. When employees are given honest feedback, even if the feedback suggests they have room to improve or change. When handled well, honest feedback triggers growth.

Direct link between employee engagement and work place environment. The manager sets the tone and is the major influence of the employee in the work environment. There is a correlation between employee opinion of the work environment and employee productivity.

Types of Motivation include:

Basic Motivation

  • Competitive pay/benefits

  • The correct job fit

  • Working conditions/environment

  • Relationship with supervisor

Short Term Motivation

  • Celebrations

  • Awards

  • Money

Sustained Motivation, what you can do:

▪ Recognition - recognize those who demonstrate a job well done or have surpassed in


▪ Advancement - provide opportunities for advancement

▪ The work itself - ensure employee is the right fit for the day to day work

▪ Achievement - allow employees to become empowered through performance

metrics created by them

▪ Responsibility - encourage employee ownership

▪ Social interactions - lead by example to inspire collective collaboration of employees

What aspects within your work environment allows your employees to be productive and achieve within the organization?

What steps do you have in place to provide people with opportunities to succeed?

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