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Sustaining Motivation

What approaches are successful for ensuring employees stay motivated? Environment sometimes poses a challenge as employees shoulder bigger workloads and resources dwindle. Nonetheless, there are several rules of thumb that may go quite a distance to keeping employees motivated. Engage your team. It’s no secret that a committed employee makes a happy and productive person, so make it a priority to learn their interests and, if possible, adjust their job duties accordingly. Talent audits are useful for this because they judge these pursuits and more important, competencies, by objectively and correctly identifying key attributes that drive performance in work. Personality questionnaires are also useful since they offer a bird’s eye view to a candidate’s personal tastes, habits and style. Approach issues holistically versus tactically. Communicate, communicate, communicate. This goes beyond just discussing the workload and the way to accomplish daily tasks. Ask your employees for their ideas on delegating projects and cooperation strategies. Motivate them to voice their concerns and make motions to address those concerns where appropriate. Analyze your process and you’re likely to see an increase in productivity and boost in your bottom line. Find out whether your procedures are efficient and effective. Scientifically valid and objective assessments help predict performance, alongside demonstrated behaviors and a potential fit for a position. Plan for your future. Use competency frameworks to evaluate and drive individual learning and career path plans. It’s a good way to increase employee development. Remember, keeping your staff motivated and happy is important to keeping your company on a positive track. It’s also an excellent way to make sure that your business is positioned for future success.

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